10 Flight Hacks for Mums

Being a mum is a wonderful thing, however when going on a journey with your kids, preparing for such journey could be a little tedious for mums.  The kids could give you a hard time. Or you will be worried that the kids will bother the other passengers. Here you will get 10 flight hacks for mums. 

A family trip can be a dream or a nightmare. I bet that you prefer a dream one, right? A few tricks can help you and your family enjoy a nice flight and a dream holiday.

  1. Prepare for your travel ahead of time; pack all the necessary items you and your kids may need during the flight, this will help prevent last-minute rush.
  2. Remember to print your boarding pass ahead of your date; you can use the app on your phone to get this. This will help save you a lot of waiting time at the airport.
  3. Give your children some flu shots before travel: as airplanes can be a breeding ground for germs, you need to immunize yourself or your children to avoid catching any flu.
  4. Know what is allowed: know what the maximum weight requirement for your luggage and pack according to that.
  5. Always keep your water at hand: this help you avoid the trouble of looking for one in the airport.
  6. Bring some sweaters with you: this could serve as pillow during the flight
  7. Keep a little collection of toiletry: this will help you have it at hand when needed. If you have a little baby you may want to include keep a bag full of diapers, the formula milk, other food items, and consumables. Having a specific bag with just these items will makes custom checks very easy. The contents of this bag will have been consumed at the end of your trip
  8. Go for more seating space: when traveling with a child, a kid-friendly seat or a bulkhead seat could be a lifesaver. This will help your baby move about freely and more comfortable.
  9. Include some entertainment for your kids:  you may need to preload your phone or tablet with your child’s favorite videos. A gadget full of rhymes will help keep your toddler engaged.
  10. Select your children food: no matter the airline you are flying with, always ensure you select a child’s meal, this will make them serve you child first before others.

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