10 Top Airport Hacks that Really Work!

Going on a holiday should be fun, right?  Some people get anxious just thinking about going to the airport. Spend some time in the airport don’t need to be a drag. You can enhance your experience with our top airport hacks.   Number 8 will surprise you!

1 –  Tired? Find the nearest pray room. It is quiet and usually empty. Take a nap but respect the place.

2 – Always double check where the VAT refund is. In some airports, it’s located on the airside, in others on the landside. 

3 – Take a picture of your boarding pass. A picture is easier to find on your phone than  a file or email. Imagine going through 100 emails to find your booking…

4 – US citizens can take advantage of Global Entry.  Applicants go through a rigorous background check and interviews. Once approve you can clear customs easy and fast.

5 – Use your credit card to get access to VIP lounges. Even if you are not a member consider paying for the day use. Some lounges offer fast Wi-Fi, food, unlimited drinks and comfy couches.

Top airport hacks pro travelers (2 of 2)

6 –  Bring an empty bottle. After you pass the security check you can refill it. Stay hydrated and beat the jet lag!

7-  Empty your pockets! Before heading to the security control, move all your belongings from your pockets to your carry-on. Remember to take out your watch and belt too.  

8 –  Take the left lane.  The majority of people are right-handed, so they tend to choose the right side. Keep your left on security checks and immigration lines to save time.

9 – Book a red-eye flight. After 10 pm you avoid traffic on your way to the airport and usually the place is not full of people. So, no stress to check-in and pass through immigration.

10 – If you have a long layover and don’t want to spend money in hotels, browse this website. Travelers from all over the world share tips on good spots to sleep in airports.


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