10 Top Hotel Hacks from Pro Travelers!


Make the most of your stay with our top hotel hacks! We gathered top hotel tricks from pro travelers, they tried and approved these hacks. Simple actions can truly help you to relax and enjoy your stay! Now it’s time to Book your hotel and enjoy!

1 – Ask for a room on the top floor. Some hotels will not charge you for that. You will enjoy the view and also avoid the noise from the street.

2 – Put an old credit card or business card on the slot to keep the power on. So you can charge your laptop or phone when leaving the room. No more dead battery!

3 – Need to clean your shoes? Body lotion and toilet paper can do the work.

4 – Wanna get the party started? Place your phone in a cup or glass, the acoustic will make the sound louder.

5 –  Did you know that you can charge your phone on the TV? Yep, just use the USB door.


6 – If you forgot or ran out of shaving cream you can use hair conditioner to smoothly shave your face.

7 –  Turn on the hot water and place your wrinkled clothes in a hanger near the shower. Not as effective as ironing but it helps.

8 –  The towel heaters can quickly dry your clothes.

9 –  Use the signal of “Do not disturb” to be safe. Inform to the reception that you don’t need room service and no one will enter your room.

10 –  Don’t be shy and ask for an upgrade. There is no harm in asking. You might be lucky and get a bigger and better room!


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