10 Top Packing Hacks for Travels

10 Top Packing Hacks for Travels 2

Packing hacks and travel hacks are all over the internet. Some are obvious and some are quite crazy. The thing is, a good holiday starts with the packing. If you choose wisely what to pack, how to pack and travel light, your trip will be enjoyable. So, follow this top packing hacks and bon voyage!

1 –  Place all the clothes that you want to take on your trip over your bed. Now choose half of it and start packing.  

2 –  Roll it! Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It will save space and the clothes will not get that wrinkled.This might be an old packing hack but a lot of people forget about it!

3 – Bottom heavy, top light. Follow this rule to avoid messing your clothes when carrying your luggage around. Put the heavy items on the bottom of the suitcase.

4- Stuff your shoes! You will find space for your belt, socks or even to protect your perfume. Remember to wrap the perfume bottle with a plastic bag, just in case.

5 – Plastic shower caps are handy to keep your dusty shoes away from your clean clothes. Simply wrap the shoes with the shower cap.

10 Top Packing Hacks for Travels

6 – Packing cubes does help. Fold your clothes and put them inside packing cubes. Not only it will save space, you will pack and unpack faster.

7 – Mix and match! Select clothes that matches to each other. So you will need less clothes and you can pack lighter.

8 – Store small items such as earrings on container pills. They will be protected and easy to find.

9 – Seal it! Use plastic bag around the caps to prevent bottles from leaking.

10 – If your luggage is not waterproof you can use bin bags to protect your clothes to getting wet. Just cover the inside of the luggage with bin bags and your clothes will be safe.


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