Cruise Packing Tips for a Perfect Holiday!

Cruise packing tips
Going on a cruise trip could be so much fun, however with inadequate plan this could end up in disaster. One of the most important things to consider before going on a trip is packing for the trip. Here I am going to give you some useful cruise packing tips.

List your cruise items:  It is important first of all to make a packing list ahead of time to avoid forgetting any crucial item.

Don’t over pack: consider the time frame for the cruise and pack based on that. If you are going for a week then your clothes should show that. You can pack a pair or two pairs of trousers and then match them with several tops or shirts. This will help reduce unnecessary loads. Be very economical with your packing and you will have more room for souvenirs or knick knacks that you are going to buy. Heavy luggage can be a burden especially when you need to fly to the area where the cruise ship is berthed.

Include Zip lock bags in your packing: this is another good thing worth packing; they should come handy at all times. You can include different sizes so you will use to pack different items like your souvenirs or snacks.

Make room for an extension cord: because many cruise cabins come with sockets which are limited, you will find an extension cable useful especially if you have many gadgets.

Pack up a duct tape and a pair of scissors: during your cruise there are materials which are necessary; tapes and scissors are one of such. Along the journey you will find many uses for them, and then berate yourself for having not thought of including them in your packing.

Include a cosmetic or toiletry holder:  Because most cruise toilets are often minuscule on board the ship go with a holder that can easily be hung on behind the toilet door on the door jamb, since you may not have much room to keep stuff. You can also take some twine with you, so that you can make up a line in the bathroom to hang your swimsuit or underwear to dry.

Don’t forget to pack other items like swim suits, camera and back pack, they are essential for a cruise trip.

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