How to Save on Hotel Bookings

how to save on hotel bookings

Are you planning on a trip and need to book for a hotel reservation? Sometimes booking for a hotel can be very expensive, however, this can be avoided. Follow these tips on how to save on hotel bookings! 

What do you need: knowing what you need is the first key to saving. You don’t have to pay for a swish reception or a room service, if you just need a room. Also you don’t need to go for a 5 star when 2-star facilities can fulfill your needs. if you need a cheap room you should just say so.

Go for a suite or chain hotels: In chain hotels rooms are often the same price for any size, and a good choice for families. Suite hotel’s rates are lower also their kitchen facilities will help you cut costs on eating out.

Go for a small hotel: because smaller hotels pay lesser tax, their prices are way cheaper.

Check for hotels with discount or less deal: The best way to do these is by checking online, social media sites can be a great place to start with. You can also use sites that can let you compare price to find the best deals online, you may even be lucky to get hotels with 4 for 3 night deals advertisements. You can also ask for a discount if you are traveling in groups.

Go for last-minute booking: you may get even up to 50% off. Compare prices with at least 5 different places, you can do this online and never go for the first quote you get. Also Search online for hotels with discount coupon codes this will save you money when booking online

Paying with cash? Ask for a discount: some hotels will prefer to be paid in cash rather than been paid with credit card to avoid paying commission to the credit card company. So ask them for a discount.

Go for hotels without extra charges for other services: you don’t have to pay extra fees for laundry, wi-fi or parking. Look for hotels that offer these services free. Always ask for extra charges up front.

Research, research & research: there are many online tools that can help you to find a good deal.

Do you have any tip on how to save on hotel bookings?

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