Sleeping in Airports

sleeping in airports
Sleeping in airports is no new thing. However sleep in an airport can be uncomfortable most times if not planned. “Planned” you may imagine.

People sleep in airports for different reasons; delayed flight, no hotel money, for personal reasons and oh yes! Some people actual plan for sleeping in an airport because of lack of accommodation or to catch up with an early morning flight. Whatever the reason you may have for sleeping in an airport, these tips will make your stay more fun and comfortable

  • Plan for sleeping overnight: this works mainly for people who have morning flight to catch or those who want to save lodging money. If you find yourself with the need to sleep in an airport, then come with some sleeping materials, some snacks, insect repellents, water, some entertainment, sunshades. Airports can be a lot noisy so also come along with some earplugs to help prevent noises from landing, take off and all the other announcement related noises.
  • Survey the area: check around the airport to see where you can sleep comfortably. Unlike the departing lounge which has less seat or comfort, the arrival lounge seems to be more comfortable than the departing or ticket area, since relations has to wait for some hours for the arrival of their love ones. However this place can be very noisy from jubilant noise from people welcoming their love ones.
  • always ask questions: before you lay down to sleep always ask the security guards what you need to know to avoid getting into trouble
  • Be security conscious: stealing is one of the problems people encounter in an airport, so before you call it a day, safeguard your luggages and wallets to avoid being stolen.
  • Check out the airport lounge: for some few bucks you could get a more comfortable place to sleep other than sleeping on chairs or the airport ground.
  • Ask for help: some airports have some sleeping cots they reserves for stranded passengers in times of emergency like unforeseen storms. So don’t be shy to ask, you may get a blanket or pillow as well.
  • Rent a cab: rather than sleeping in the noisy airport room or risk losing you precious belongings, you can go for a cheap airport cab and get comfortable sleeping on the chair.

However you choose to spend your night in an airport make it comfortable.

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