Ten Packing Hacks for Spring Break

Packing tips for Spring Break

Are you going for spring break, but don’t know where to start packing? Then these tips are for you. Packing can be so much fun, the key to getting everything you need packed and well-organized is “strategy”. Therefore, you will have to strategize on what to do to make your packing easy. Below are our ten packing tips for spring break! 
  1. Organize for packing: yes, strange as it may sound, organizing things for packing is very important. Without a proper organization, you will end up forgetting some items or end up packing the wrong items. First where do you intend to spend your spring break? Are you going to a warm region for your spring break, then you may need to pack some sun block, sun glasses, towel, bathing suit etc. if you going to a cooler region consider packing some sweaters, insect repellents etc
  2. List and set out items for packing: you will need to list out all the items you will need for you break, and then bring them out one by one.
  3. Plan your wares: If you are fashion conscious then you may need to pair your wares, match the colors and bring out shoes that will suit each. Planning your ware will help you set out cloths you need to wear daily and help avoid carrying an over loads of clothes.
  4. Carry few shoes: pick only a few shoes that can match almost all the cloth you will wear, this will help create space for other items.
  5. Put a sheet in your suit before packing: this will help keep your item neat and fresh
  6. Pack your items one after the other: packing your items one by one using your list will make you not to forget any item on your list.
  7. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them: when putting your cloth in your suitcase, you may need to roll then instead of folding them. This will create more space for other things.
  8. Pack accessories in containers. This will make them easily accessible
  9. Limit some accessories: you may need to let go of your charger as most hotels have some
  10. Enjoy your trip

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